Twins Halloween Costumes – Dress for Success!

Ghost, Witches, Demons and Pumpkins Beware

Time flies when you’re having fun! Leaves are slowly turning lovely shades of orange, red and yellow. Soon they will fall and kids will spend countless hours jumping in giant piles of leaves. As you will start winterizing your backyard or balcony, it will hit you like a ton of bricks: How will I dress my munchkins for Halloween??? Twins Halloween costumes are so much fun to shop for because there is so much choice and the only limit is your imagination!

For many moms, including myself, dressing twins for Halloween is extra special. We always try to dress them around the same theme. As they get older, they will be able to decide for themselves. For my mommy’s heart, that was the end of a much too short era. Although, even now that they have turned 5, my daughters still dress in similar themes. Every year, I have searched the Internet for ideas. I am posting some of my own findings and some images I found online with the appropriate links.

My own Twins in Their Costumes

1. Carter’s Oshkosh Halloween PJ

When they are still babies, those PJs are great options as they are cute and comfortable. Here my babies were wearing newborn pumpkins and lady bug pajamas. Carter’s also offer some very cute and comfortable baby costumes and the best part is, you can shop online and it is delivered right to your home. They also offer very cute accessories such as hats, bibs and booties (watch out their Christmas collection, it’s just too cute).

2. Bee and Ladybug

I found those two costumes at Marshalls. They have quite a nice assortment of costumes for children. They often carry matching Halloween costumes for boys and girls. Originally this costume had spaghetti straps. I liked the fact that it allowed me to put a long sleeve black sweater and black leggings underneath. If you live north and have to be concerned about colder weather on Halloween night, you will be looking for a costume where you put something warm under.

3. Classic Pirates

My mother-in-law found these costumes at Wal-Mart. She passed away roughly 6 months after this photo was taken. This was her last trip before she got too sick and couldn’t travel anymore. Her wish was to dress them as pirates and do a pirate treasure hunt on the beaches of the Bahamas. Let me say that it was a huge success for both my mother-in-law and my twins. If you have a boy and a girl, you can easily find matching costumes. There are many options for a pirate costume. You can make your own with accessories from the dollar store e.g.: a hat, eye patch, earring, sword and black makeup.

4. Cowgirls

We were invited to a cowboy party at the end of the summer and I had to try to dig up two appropriate costumes. When you are not in the Halloween season, it may not always be easy to find. I went to an all year round costume shop and I was able to dig up those very girly cowgirl outfits. You can always look online on Amazon or eBay to find the perfect costume if you don’t have a local costume store in your area.

5. Football Cheerleaders

I got two Clemson Tigers cheerleaders uniforms from a thrift store and used them as Halloween costumes. These thick fabric uniforms were again perfect for colder temperature as I put a bodysuit underneath. I searched online to try to find pom poms but I couldn’t find the appropriate color in a short time frame. I went to Halloween shops but couldn’t find the right color either. So, I improvised. I went to Wal-Mart and got 4 decorative orange garlands. I looped them and tied them all to a handle with a tie wrap. I even cut 4 pieces to tie around their ponytails to complete the look. This is great for sports fans and even adults can participate with matching player of fan costumes.

6. Classic Mickey and Minnie Mouse

Last year, my kids absolutely wanted to dress up as Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Ann-Pascale specifically requested for a “pink Minnie Mouse” not red!!! I searched left and right for the proper costume but I could only find it in size 2T-3T. My girls wore size 4T at the time. I went to the Disney online store, no luck. After visiting at least 8 Halloween shops, I found 1 in pink but a size 6T. I decided to get it anyway. It was a bit too big but with jeans and a long sleeve black shirt, it was okay. On the other hand, Ann-Pénélope wanted to dress as Mickey, not Minnie. I found a 4T deluxe costume with deep red velvet pants. It was a bit tight but still fit. She was so happy. This would also be a great idea for boy-girl twins.


7. Owlette and Cat Boy – This year’ pick

I believe the twins told me this July that they wanted Owlette and Cat Boy as this year’s costume. At the beginning of September, I started my search. I had seen these costumes over the summer in the toys section at Wal-Mart. I was able to find Owlette’s costume quite easily. As to Cat Boy, that was another story. I had to search in 4 different Wal-Mart and 2 Toys r Us. When I found it, I was happy like a kid meeting Santa Claus. The ones I found are good quality fabric and the medallion are sewn in, not stamped. For the masks, they are not the original ones that came with the costume, I bought them separately months before buying the costume. The mask that came with it is made of thick fabric and is held by an elastic.  As for the baskets, I bought them last year at Wal-Mart. I’m sure they will be a big hit this year.

Matching Twins Halloween Costumes I Found on the Internet

You can find some pretty neat ideas online. Here are some cute and clever costumes I found. You can click on the image to see the original post.

Little Chicken Coop

This is such a cute and imaginative costume. It’s perfect when the twins are too young to walk and even mommy and daddy can participate. It’s really a family thing.

Fred and Wilma

This is a great idea that can be a diy project. They will have a Yabado-doo time!!! If you have a dog, you can dress him as Dino…

Salt and Pepper

A super cute and easy costume for toddlers. Perfect for any kitchen aficionado.

Ketchup and Mustard

I fell in love with this adorable twin costume set. Hot-dog anyone?

What do you Think?

If you have ideas and would like to share them with me or simply to leave me your comments, I will gladly welcome it. Please use the form below.

Happy Halloween!



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