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Just Hear Those Sleigh Bells Jingle-ing, Ring-ting Tingle-ing, too!

I don’t know about you but I surely kept my kid’s heart. As soon as Halloween is over, I start planning our Christmas decorations. Yeah, we’re that crazy ???? I hope my kids will believe in Santa for as long as possible. My husband and I put a lot of energy maintaining Santa’s magic. We do the elf on the shelf thing (actually elves, it gets more elaborated year after year), we put more decorations than a gingerbread house and we make sure our girls receive a personalized Santa letters.

We usually ask our daughters to prepare their Christmas list early. The main reason is that I can start shopping early and not be stuck in December in the mist of “Christmas fever”. Also, beginning of November, stores have more choices and you can find some pretty good deals if you shop a bit. It also gives me time to shop online if needed and have it delivered to my door before online stores run out of stock and prices skyrocket.

Old Fashioned Paper Magic! 

In my quest to keep Christmas magic, I came across Santa’s Official North Pole Mail. It’s a personalized letter your child will receive by mail. With everything digital those days, we don’t receive interesting mail anymore. Most kids nowadays have never even received a single letter in a real mailbox. Your child’s reaction when getting an envelope addressed to him from Santa is worth a million dollar. These personalized Santa letters can be delivered worldwide. This is truly an opportunity to create a level of excitement that will only come once in a lifetime. They also make such a great keepsake because nothing can replace a good ole fashion stamp on an envelope.

Why is the Official North Pole Mail Website Different From Other Santa Letters Website?

You can design the letter to fit each kid. It’s quite practical when you have twins because you don’t want just a copy and paste letter. With over 40 texts and 20 backgrounds, I can create in a matter of minutes (they have so many cute options, it may take a while to choose lol!). The following year, I can repeat the process with different letters. I like to keep the letters in my twins’ keepsake box (okay, it’s not really a box but rather a huge plastic bin but you get the idea). When they are grown-ups, I’m sure they will read those letters and it will bring back happy memories.

The Official North Pole Mail is Much More Than Just Letters

Well, it’s not just a letter from Santa. It’s much more than that. Yes it does offer custom letters but also gift bundles. So, you can also add a little gift directly from Santa. For kids, this is truly a dream come true. I particularly like the fact that they don’t pre-bundle thus allowing you to choose exactly what you want and follow your budget. Those little extra gifts from the North Pole will just add to the Christmas Magic.

They offer different products but I’ve listed some of my personal favorites.

1. “I Believe” Reindeer Bell

I think this is such a cool gift. This is not an ordinary bell. This is an actual out of service Christmas bell taken directly from Rudolph’s sleigh harness because it no longer jingles correctly. It comes in a satin collectors box. Your child can hang it on the Christmas tree and will for sure become the most important decoration on the tree. You can buy it either alone or bundled with Santa’s letter.


2. The Night Before Christmas Book

Here I am not talking about your average Christmas story book. This is a personalized story book autographed by no other than Santa Claus himself!! This book comes with a hardcover and is wrapped in a red metallic bubble mailer to complete the Christmas look. As bonus, they will throw an 8X10 autographed photo of Santa. It is such a beautiful book full of images that is guaranteed to put your child right to sleep and dreaming of a White Christmas… Your child will surely keep this book forever and will probably pass it down to his children, I know I would have done it. This is also a great gift idea for grandparents as you will see the true magic of Christmas in your little one’s eyes.



3. Evidence Kits

Remember getting up Christmas morning and looking for evidence of Santa or on Christmas eve, laying in bed and listening for any noise that would confirm Santa’s presence. When I was a child, I would get up in the morning and my dad would have made “sled runners” marks in the snow. I remember telling my dad when I was 4 years old : “Yes dad, I heard the reindeer” bells last night!” That’s the power of believing and the beauty of childhood innocence. Now you can help them believe that good old Saint Nick paid them a visit on Christmas eve with an evidence kit. The complete kit includes:

  • Glasses
  • Best dressed tree ribbon
  • Coat button
  • Jingle bell
  • Toy list
  • Glove
  • Bootprint
  • Tube of Frosty’s Magic Snow for
    making those Santa tracks

This kit is shipped in a non-descriptive package so you don’t have to worry about your little ones snooping around and discovering the magic.

For an extra $5, you can bundle the evidence kit with “Santa Claus Official Sleigh License”. Yes, you need a license to drive a sleigh! This real looking license will impress the older, more skeptical kids. Santa’s License is all the Santa proof your kids will ever need! Imagine, your child wakes on Christmas morning to find not only presents, but to their surprise, Santa Claus dropped his Sleigh Driver’s License while he was there! You can also buy it separately. This makes an inexpensive proof that Santa stopped by.



4. Frosty’s Magic Snow

If your little one is interested in chemistry sets or likes to experiment with baking soda and vinegar, he will love Frosty’s Magic Snow. The best part of it, all you need is water! This is the original Instant Snow powder that turns ordinary water into a white fluffy substance that looks like real snow in seconds! You won’t believe your eyes. All you need to do is add water to the mysterious white powder and let the magic begin. Don’t forget, this is the snow that made Frosty the Snowman.

Don’t worry, it is made of safe and nonhazardous material. You can buy it in different quantities from a tube that will make about 2 cups up to a bag that will make 8 gallons. That’s enough to make a snow fight in your bathtub.

Make Them Believe

No matter what you choose, go with your heart! Whether it’s a letter or a bundle, your child will be amazed and will cherish those memories forever. I hope it gave you some ideas and trust me, these are pretty amazing products, you won’t be disappointed.

If you enjoyed this post or have a question, I invite you to leave me a message below.

Merry Christmas from the bottom of my child at heart!


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