Awesome Gifts for Moms Expecting Twins – Buyer’s Guide for Baby Shower Gifts

Where to Start?

My twins were my first babies so I couldn’t rely on previous experience. People around me would ask what I needed and I didn’t know what to answer. I searched all over the Internet to find the best of what I thought I needed. I found some great things and made a lot of mistakes. I had a baby shower and as any good control freak would do, I made a specific list of gifts for moms expecting twins (I believe it’s actually how I have entitled my list LOL!). Enjoy reading my personal buyer’s guide for baby shower gifts.

To save you a lot of time and headaches, I listed some items that are either a must or just so damn cute, you shouldn’t go without. If you have a friend of family member expecting twins, you can use this list to find the perfect gift to surprise her.

I have divided my list into different categories:

A. Feeding

1. Twin-Z Nursing Pillow


This is a must have for new parents of twins. It offers a great back support for mom (or even dad) and babies. Great for close bonding time with mom and babies! Extremely useful whether you are breastfeeding or bottle feeding. Your tandem feedings will go smoothly.




2. Nursing Cover


If mom is planning on breastfeeding, a nursing cover will be a must. Easy to put in a diaper bag, mom will always be ready whenever a baby is hungry. From experience, it can happen anywhere. I didn’t breastfeed personally but I know they can go hungry at the least convenient time. With a nursing cover, you are always ready to serve a warm meal in a snap. There are so many to choose from with the different fabrics and prints.





3. Hospital Grade Breast Pump

To be able to express milk when you have twins, you need a hospital grade breast pump. The Medela Symphony is worth around $2000. It’s way too expensive to buy and usually it can be rented at a local pharmacy or hospital. I bought what I consider to be the absolute best investment, the Spectra S1 Plus. It’s a hospital grade pump at a fraction of the price. This pump allows you to express milk from both breast at the same time and it has a rechargeable battery. It’s truly a gem for around $200. To read a full review on the Spectra 1, click here.


B. Equipment

4. Diaper Bag

When you have twins, you don’t just carry twice as many babies, you carry twice as much stuff! Two sets of clothes, six to eight diapers, changing pad, two pacifiers, two bibs, washcloths, wipes, toys or books, medication, milk bottles (if not breastfeed), diaper rash cream, etc. In other words, you need a large diaper bag with compartments to be able to put everything in. I love the Skip Hop Duo Double Diaper bag. It’s the only diaper bag designed for double stroller (side-by-side). It has 16 compartments including a zippered personal pocket, two side bottle pockets and cell phone pocket. It fits everything you need, and can be carried as a diaper bag tote or messenger.



5. Baby Monitor

When it comes to baby monitors, you have a lot of choices. Some very simple with short range, some digital and some with a camera. I would suggest you get a stronger signal than needed. The range is often shorter due to interference from doors and walls. Some will give you room temperature, 2 receivers, 2 way-talk or have a movement monitor. If you are considering a baby monitor with camera, choose one with 2 cameras. That way you can put a camera next to each crib and make sure your wireless connection is secure to avoid someone ease dropping on your household.



6. Joovy New Room² Portable Playard

Whether it’s for occasional use like to safely put them down for a nap while visiting a relative or to make them nap in your living room (or your bedroom), a playard is quite useful. This playard offers nearly 50% more space than most traditional playard with over 10 square feet of space, babies have plenty of room to play and stay entertained. It is reliable, durable and built for endurance. Perfect for twins!!! It comes with its own fitted sheet. This is an essential piece of gear for families with twins, offering abundant room for two babies. Low center of gravity with a heavy-duty padded mattress supports a baby from 0M+ up to 35″. Although if you are traveling , it is obviously heavier than a regular playard since it’s bigger. If you don’t have much room, you may want to measure before buying because the size is 39.8 x 39.8 x 31 inches. Delta Children Play Yard Safari Fun is also a good alternative to the Joovy Room² with its cute animal prints.

If you are tight for space or if you are planning on using it occasionally for the twins, you may want to consider buying two of a simpler model instead. A regular playard measures around 39 x 28 x 29 inches. I would suggest you buy two without bassinet, changing table and mobile. I would not suggest you buy the one that has the two bassinets on top unless you plan to use it every day. Since each bassinet can hold up 12-15 lbs each, they will soon outgrow it and it becomes a waste of money.


7. Double Umbrella Stroller

This is the perfect “quick errands to run with the twins” stroller. Over the years, I had over 6 strollers for my twins depending on the use (umbrella, jogger, inline pram, convertible) and if you want a stroller after the babies are out of their newborn car seat, a double umbrella stroller is perfect when you are in a rush. They unfold and fold in matter of seconds and do not require any assembly of seats or accessories. They also do not take too much space in the trunk of your car. My recommendation would be to choose one under 30″ wide, that way it will fit through a regular doorway. Try to choose one with reclining seats, this will make you children more comfortable to fall asleep. When mine we getting fussy, I would recline their seat and they would automatically fall asleep within minutes. You want one with sturdy wheels.

Some are less expensive and are perfect as second stroller (Jeep Brand Scout Double Stroller or Kolcraft Cloud Side-by-Side Double Umbrella Stroller) as both of them are under $100. In this case, the Kolcraft has a larger canopy than the Jeep which can be a factor is you use it outside. Some are more high-end and are usually used as the main stroller or in combination with an inline or jogger stroller (Maclaren Twin Triumph).

The UPPAbaby G-LINK is considered an umbrella stroller but can be used from birth because the seats fully recline. This can be a wonderful gift if you want to have only one stroller. It is more expensive than a regular umbrella stroller but in can be a great investment at the same time. It always depends on your needs.

8. Books

Books are always good to give or to receive. There are a few books written specifically for twins. Either a book on twin pregnancy, on twin development or even for the twins themselves will for sure come in handy at some point.

I have listed some books that could be useful to you. You can just click on the picture for more details or to buy the book. They are available in paperback or Kindle.












C. Clothing

9. Matching Onesies

No matter if they are identical or not, boys or girls, matching onesies always create a reaction wherever you go. They make a perfect gift for moms-to-be. Some are unisex, some are funny, some are cute and some are philosophical. You can easily find the perfect one. They usually range between newborn and 12 months. Click here for a list of ideas.



10. Matching Bibs

Another cute idea is matching bibs. Just like onesies, they can be found in a large range of colors and messages. They are great gifts from relative (grand-parents, aunts etc.). You can find them in different types, cloth, silicone, muslin, etc. They are the perfect fashion statement and you have some for every occasion. You need a few bibs for each baby as they drool and get stained from milk and food quite easily especially for cloth and muslin bibs. Click here for a list of ideas.



D. Funny and Just Too Cute

11. Twin Mug

There are a lot of coffee or tea mugs on the market. For new parents of twins, this makes a lot of sense. I have listed some of my favorite. I have even added one for dad, grandpa and grandma. Click on the picture for more details or to buy the mug.




12. Just Too Cute to Pass



Angel Dear Cuddle Twin: These are two identical Angel Dear Blankies, polyester machine washable. Both babies and mom’s love them. They are available in brown monkeys, yellow ducks and pink monkeys. Great for baby showers.




Twin Growing Newborn Baby Age Monthly Milestone Blanket: 100% cotton, over sized 60″ x 40″, printed muslin blanket photo prop. Blanket accommodates ages 1-12 months and baby’s weight!! Perfect idea for baby shower. Note that it doesn’t come with the props, it’s only the blanket.


Two Peas in the Pod Frame: beautifully crafted ceramic and metal photo frame to celebrate the birth of twins! Frame measures 7 5/8″ x 3 5/8″ and holds two 2″ x 2″ photos perfectly. The lovely green makes this a suitable gift for both baby boy and baby girl, the colorful iridescent crystals that adorn the frame give it its appeal. Frame will come boxed in a decorative Love Times Two Gift Box. Felt backing and glass inserts.

Sometimes Miracles Come In Pairs Expandable Wire Bangle Bracelet:

Stainless steel and alloy, it is lead-free and nickel free. Stainless steel is hypoallergenic, it doesn’t rust, change colour or tarnish. This is the perfect bracelet for any pregnant mom, a baby’s gender reveal gift, a baby shower gift or a grandma gift. This twin feet bracelet makes a perfect gift for twins or mom of twins.



Mom Low charge tired Twins full charge funny T Shirt: You definitely need this t shirt showcasing your pride yet tiredness at them being such a handful! Absolutely brilliant for a gift for a mother of twins, watch her smile light up and laugh at the kind yet humorous gesture! They are available in several colors: black, pink, yellow, purple and light blue.



Final Thoughts

I hope you found this buying guide useful and I hope it will save you hours of online research. If you have a twin baby shower, you can use this list to come up with a gift that for sure will please mom. If you enjoyed this guide or if you have a question, please feel free to leave me a comment below.

Happy Shopping!


  1. I was just organizing my gift registry for my sister’s twin baby shower and I stumbled upon your list. Thanks so so much for sharing your experience. You gave me some great ideas.

    1. Hello Taylor,
      I’m happy I could help. It’s not always easy to prepare a list of gifts for mother of twins. There are some products that are great and some are just a waste of money. I relied on my own experience of what I liked and what was useful. I made some mistakes myself so if I can help others not to make the same mistakes, then my post is all worth it.

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